Bollywood movies is copied of Hollywood movie.

Hitch (2005)

Alex Hitchens plays a role of hitch that is a date doctor. Hitch helps the Albert Brenneman who fell in love with the Allegra Cole. Hitch struggles that Albert got success in his love life. Hitch also has a crush on a columnist Eva Mendes as Sara.


Partner (2007)

Salman Khan plays a role of Prem and he is a  “Love Guru” who solve the issues of people about love life. Govinda as Bhaskar Dhiwakar fell in love with his boss, Katrina Kaif as Priya. Prem helps Bhaskar in his love life. Bhaskar is unable to express his love for Priya.Because Priya is a daughter of a wealthy businessman. Prem fell in love for a columnist Lara Dutta as Naina Sahani.


After reading the both stories it finds that often Bollywood movies copied of Hollywood movies.

  • Both movies are romantic comedy movies.
  • They have almost same story line.

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